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We help you obtaining the optimal process design effectively

We evaluate different operational and process settings at a fast pace, with highly accurate 3D models. You will find the optimal configuration for your process before making any physical change or investment.

Besides saving time and costs, our advanced simulation reveals information about your system that couldn’t be acquired in real life.

Find out how advanced modelling benefits your systems or reactors

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The benefits of model-based ‘what-if’ testing

Highly accurate 3D models of your system

The impact of the following operational and reactor settings can be assessed virtually:

  • Operational settings
  • Flow rates of liquid and gas
  • Operational cycle times
  • Gas properties and bubble sizes
  • Viscosity
  • Concentrations of solutes and chemicals
  • Reaction properties
  • Temperature
  • Reactor settings
  • Positioning of critical reactor parts (e.g. baffle, aerators, …)
  • Impeller type and speed
  • Inlet, outlet configuration
  • ...

We used the 2-phase CFD results to improve our reactor design. It lowered costs and improved general sustainability of the process by saving brine and increasing process water yield.

Ir. Martin Pot - Evides industriewater

Thanks to the cooperation with AM-TEAM we were able to reduce the reactor design piloting phase with at least 3 months, saving us a lot of stainless steel construction work, a lot of trouble and a lot of money.

Ir. Kevin Van de Merlen - Pureblue

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