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Pharmaceutical industry

We help the pharma sector increasing process reliability dramatically, reducing risks of failure, and saving capital and operational costs. During ‘what-if' scenario testing, we vary operational and design parameters to improve process reliability.

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Processes we have experience with

Design, optimisation and scale-up of processes related to suspensions and liquids

  • 3D simulation of flow and shear stress of liquids
  • Non-newtonian liquids handling

Design of clean rooms and technical areas

  • Minimising health risks
  • Optimal air flow design

How we help the pharma industry

Experimental testing at full scale is time consuming, expensive and might go wrong. AM-TEAM’s realistic 3D model of our 750,000 pe plant allowed for structured testing with more flexibility and less operational risks.

Dr. Stefan Weijers - Waterboard De Dommel

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