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Pharma suspension simulation to optimise the design of a NIR PAT sensor channel

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In-line NIR (near infrared) spectroscopy was used to continuously monitor the concentraiton of the active pharmaceutical ingredient in a suspension. The sensor was mounted in a T-piece through which the suspension passed. The orginal design led to unstable measurements. We applied CFD to optimise the system and improve the accuracy of this in-line monitoring.

Major findings

  • Thurbulence in the original channel led to unstable NIR measurements
  • Based on CFD a new design was proposed which significantly improved real-time measurement accuracy
  • Understanding of both fluid dynamics and the process (eg specific liquid properties) led to an effective monitoring set-up

This study was published scientifically:

M. Verstraeten, D. Van Hauwermeiren, M. Hellings, E. Hermans, J. Geens, C. Vervaet, I. Nopens, T. De Beer. (2018). Model-based NIR spectroscopy implementation for in-line assay monitoring during a pharmaceutical suspension manufacturing process. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 546 247–254

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