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This is AM-TEAM

Our customers, from all over the globe, always have access to the latest available advanced models and see the state of the art continuously being pushed in the direction of their needs.

AM-TEAM continuously:

  • Develops new process models and methodologies to maximise customer experience
  • Disseminates knowledge at international high-level events and publishes new findings in peer reviewed scientific papers
  • Invests in new hardware and software to maximise simulation speed and accuracy

We are known for our good back and forth communication and collaboration with our clients

  • We design each project individually, tailoring the process to your case and objectives.
  • In many cases we co-create together with customers, with valuable intermediate discussions of results
  • We keep open communication, and make sure clients understand the costs and deliverables from the beginning.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality for our clients and take the necessary legal commitments if necessary 


Wim Audenaert, PhD, Eng

Process modelling expert - CEO

Wim has a thorough background process technology and kinetic process modelling. He takes care of general management and business development.

Usman Rehman, PhD, Eng

Process modelling expert - CTO

Usman has years of experience in advanced process modelling and is a leading expert in integrating process knowledge (e.g. kinetics) with single and multiphase CFD modelling.
He modelled numerous (large) industrial process installations. Usman leads the technical developments within the company. Apart from other scientific contributions, he is currently co-authoring a book on CFD for liquid modelling applications. Check our publications section to download and view published material.

Ingmar Nopens, PhD, Eng

Scientific advisor

Ingmar is associate professor at Ghent University, where he leads the BIOMATH research team, specialised in model-based bioprocess analysis & optimisation. Ingmar is a leading expert in state-of-the-art process modelling using advanced tools in the pharma and environmental industries. Check our publications section for published material and full description of BIOMATH.

Simon Duchi, ir.

Advanced modelling engineer

Daria Sudrawska, ir.

Advanced modelling engineer

Miguel Daza, ir.

Advanced modelling engineer

Giacomo Bellandi, PhD, ir.

Senior modelling expert

Eshwar Ramasetti, PhD, ir.

Senior modelling expert

Veerle Bultinck

Office manager

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